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Welcome to our Restore Order

This is a website that aims to lobby the Government to change existing laws on how teachers can deal with bad behaviour in schools. We intend to put forward arguments, including the reintroduction of corporal punishment, in a clear and balanced way.

No one can deny, not even this Government, that behaviour in British classrooms has declined to the point where there is widespread chaos leading to a huge drop in standards. In the worst schools, violence is an increasingly worrying issue for teachers. Classrooms are places where children can say and do as they please and teachers have little or no power, other than detention.

Why is this a serious problem?

There is no longer order in British schools. Many teachers are leaving the profession because of the incredible problem of noisy pupils. In the past, nobody would DARE to talk over the teacher. But now it is the pupils who demand 'rights' and punishments are so weak that they don't care.

A detention or a telling off does not faze most kids. They continue to laugh, joke and chatter while the teacher is talking and consequently they DESTROY THE EDUCATION OF OTHER CHILDREN, not to mention their own education. Imagine, for a moment, if this kind of behaviour were to happen in most lessons every day. Imagine if this went on five days a week for the whole school year. Well, it's a reality; it is happening. Tests have shown that something like an 80% reduction in learning takes place when a minority disrupt the class.

Eighty percent?

Continuous disruptions

Violence and abuse towards teachers is only a symptom of the most serious problem. Teachers these days face a barrage of continuous disruption to their lessons and the present system does not address it. It has broken down.
This problem is NOT because of poor teaching. Experienced, quality teachers are leaving the profession because they no longer have the authority they once had. Good teachers are being worn down by the continual need to deal with behaviour. This is directly down to detentions and other methods that simply DO NOT WORK.

We are failing our children by allowing this to happen. Let us see an end to it.

Our Mission

To lobby the UK Government (and other world Governments) to restore order in schools by introducing punishment methods that actually work.

All pupils have the RIGHT to learn. All teachers have the RIGHT to teach


1. To introduce a zero tolerance for minor disruptions. To phase out individual warnings in favour of whole class warnings.

Measure 1: Zero Tolerance

2. To eliminate inclusive education and protect our talented kids. To introduce Elite schools for the top 1 or 2% of high performers; to reintroduce Grammar schools for the higher 10% and to provide separate remedial classes for the bottom 5%; to send all those who cannot behave to correction schools.

Measure 2: Eliminate Inclusive Education

3. To reintroduce a safe system of corporal punishment to be carried out only by a Head Teacher or authorised officer. To offer OPT-IN schools. Note: 50%-70% of parents in this country are in favour of the reintroduction of corporal punishment. (see our POLLS section for proof)

Measure 3: Corporal punishment

4. To restore the use of lines. Evidence has shown that lines do REALLY WORK. This is because repetition gets through to the brain.  

Measure 4: Why lines?

5. To reduce the reams of paperwork needed for OFSTED inspections and to reduce planning.

Measure 5: Less bureaucracy

6. To introduce an awareness campaign within all schools to promote good behaviour and encourage new skills. This could be in the form of posters, talks etcetera.

Measure 6: Awareness campaign

7. To introduce a 'political correctness' watch that protects not only children but also teachers.

Measure 7: Political Correctness watch

8. To reintroduce learning by rote and repetitive methods.

Measure 8: Learning by rote


Violence and false accusations

Over the last twenty years, since corporal punishment was abolished, standards have dropped to a level where literacy and numeracy rates have plummeted, violence has escalated and teachers, instead of being respected, are the brunt of huge numbers of accusations (most of them false).

While a few of these accusations are of course true, in recent years an increasing number of respected, hard-working teachers' lives have been ripped apart by a single accusation. They are suspended from work until a full investigation has taken place. They are 'guilty until proven innocent' but the majority of claims are proved to be unfounded or 'politically correct' nonsense.

How bad is the education system - really?

The Government tells us that standards have risen - only how can that be? The GCSE and A level exams these days have become easier and easier. The amount of coursework has increased while exams now have a lesser significance. But who is doing the coursework? Teachers may ask for several submissions so that pupils can correct their mistakes, and it is a well-known fact that parents not only help, but sometimes do the coursework for their offspring.

Schools are no longer teaching the essentials

Hard to believe isn't it? In many secondary schools, as many as 80% of pupils in Year 7 do not know their times tables! This is because, at primary level, the chanting of times tables is considered unproductive or old-fashioned. Primary schools are so concerned about their SATS results and OFSTED inspections that they 'coach' their pupils to pass these exams and do not have time to work on the basics.

Grammar, a good vocabulary and numeracy skills, which are the foundations of all learning to come, are grossly inadequate in our school children. We are failing our children because we are afraid to give them repetitive tasks.

The End of Books as we know it

What has the Government done? The Government has attempted to redress the problems by introducing the national literacy and numeracy strategies, but it is fighting a losing battle. Computer games and TV are the choice of most kids these days. The problem is that most kids have become addicted to immediate gratification. If it does not entertain immediately, if it is not 'in your face' enough, they switch channels. As a result, we are ending up with a generation who have no skills. Books don't have a chance. Teachers? What chance do they have?

The Government should realise that the skills shortage is already having a drastic effect on the economy of this country.


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