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3. To reintroduce a safe system of corporal punishment to be carried out only by a Head Teacher or authorised officer. To offer OPT-IN schools. Note: 50%-70% of parents in this country are in favour of the reintroduction of corporal punishment. (see our POLLS section for proof)

The proposal is that for certain offences, corporal punishment (CP) may be administered by an authorised person. This should be for two types of offence: serious and persistent. Pupils may only be caned by a same-sex adult.

It is suggested that the Government could introduce corporal punishment on a trial basis in a small number of schools and that parents would have the choice to OPT-IN. In other words, parents may choose to send their child to a school that uses corporal punishment or not.  Surveys have shown that 50-70% of parents are in now in favour of corporal punishment because they have watched standards plummet in the last 20 years. (see Polls)

There are certain pupils in every school who are not bad by nature, but persistently commit a multitude of small disruptions or offences. It is proposed that when detention, lines and internal exclusion has failed, [as it HAS in many cases], then a final stage - corporal punishment should be used.

We believe that mild corporal punishment (such as a ruler on the hand) should be used in Primary schools, again administered by authorised persons and with the approval of parents or guardians for persistent or serious offences only. It is particularly important to start young. Lack of CP in the early years is the most unkind political correctness. Children need a smack on the hand so that they know what is right and wrong.

The problem with the present system is that despite all of the arguments, no one can deny that for some pupils 'words have no effect.' Some children cannot be reasoned with, and in fact they will continue to destroy other people's education until an assertive and definite message, such as a smack, makes it clear: your behaviour is not acceptable. If the worst a pupil gets is a telling off or a detention then many pupils think that they have 'got away with it' and therefore they continue.

At secondary level the same is true. Words have no effect. Some children cannot be reasoned with. It is this minority that ruin it for everyone else. A telling off or a detention DOES NOT WORK and is clearly not working right now.

In many American states today, 'the paddle' is being used. We suggest that Britain adopts a similar tool for secondary level. A wide wooden implement will not leave marks and yet it can still hurt.

We are not advocating beatings or unfair punishments. Stories from the past show that abuse did go on. Lessons from the past also show us that education standards were very much higher and the reason for this is obvious - children were listening in silence while the teacher talked and questions could be answered without interruption.

The anti-smacking campaigners often say that corporal punishment will only teach children to respond with violence. No! For a minority, words have no effect. These children cannot be reasoned with.

A smack is the most natural thing in the world. In the animal kingdom, if a cub that falls out of line, it gets a cuff and soon learns. A young child that gets a smack on the hand soon learns to stop bad behaviour. We're not talking about child abuse. It is true that the majority of children don't need corporal punishment - therefore those that are well-behaved won't get it. The intention is to stop those children who persistently cause trouble - those children who simply laugh at the present pathetic system - and how right they are to laugh.

The greatest harm comes to those that don't get a smack when they badly need it. How unkind it is to let that child grow up without knowing the difference between right and wrong! How unkind it is to let that child ruin other people's education! How stupid it is for us to watch as those children learn that when they are violent, adults respond with another 'telling off.' They soon learn that a detention or a telling off means nothing. In fact, if they accuse a teacher of pushing them or God forbid 'touching them' the teacher will be immediately suspended and may risk jail.

Let us see an end to this ridiculous political correctness. Some people say we will never see a return of corporal punishment. We say it is only a matter of time before the Government will have no choice. The reintroduction of corporal punishment as a final measure is perfectly possible if those parents who want it (50-70%) say YES. Parents want that choice.

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