Ridiculous PC nonsense

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Ridiculous PC nonsense

Teachers ordered not to touch children


Head faces ridiculous allegation

£160,000 trial clears teacher of tickling

Never be alone with a pupil

Teacher falsely accused commits suicide

Pupils 'cannot be called clever'

School Bans Hot Cross Buns

The head teacher of The Oaks primary school in Ipswich has asked caterers to remove the crosses from all hot cross buns because they might upset Jehovah's Witnesses."For our students who are Jehovah's Witnesses, hot cross buns are not part of their beliefs."

BA rule 'a man must not sit next to a child'

British Airways have ruled that no child must sit next to an adult male that is not a relative. Recently, MP Boris Johnson was asked to move from his seat by a BA stewardess. Boris Johnson says, "Are we really saying that any time an adult male finds himself sitting next to someone under 16, he must expect to be hustled from his seat before the suspicious eyes of the entire cabin?"

Seating men as though they were sexual predators is a vicious and discriminatory practice that has no basis in fact or logic.

BA state: "We introduced the policy in response to customers asking us to make sure their children are not seated next to men. We were responding to a fear of sexual assaults."

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