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Getting Involved
Ridiculous PC nonsense

What can I do?

Volunteer Your Time

We are looking for:
- People to contact MPs and the media
- Website designers
- Spokes persons
- Fund raisers
- Committee members
- Promotions organisers

Could you do any of this?

You could make a difference. You could really help children to have a secure and calm education. You could help hard-working teachers and you could bring about the balance that is badly needed in society today. You could prevent some young people from turning into criminals by curtailing bad behaviour while they are still at school.

This is a lobby group and we need people who are willing to help with:

-Production and promotion of leaflets

-Media liaison

-Rally organisation

-Formulation of the text of the proposals

Make a Donation

This is a non-profit organisation. Would you be interested in helping us fund this important campaign? If you think you could make a donation to the cause please email for further information.

Write a Letter or Sign a Petition

Not set up as yet

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