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5. To reduce the reams of paperwork needed for OFSTED inspections and to reduce planning.

Is there a teacher that wouldn't be in favour of this? Let's state the obvious. Schools and teachers are spending hours and hours preparing paperwork that just isn't being read. Schools must be seen to improve, but in reality, they have to cut back on the essentials in order to achieve these objectives. Children get less individual time and teachers are stretched to breaking point to 'prove' that they are doing the right thing. More often than not, it is simply an exercise in creating paper to 'cover your back.'

Schools and teachers soon find ways to make it look like improvements have been made, when in fact very little has changed.

None of this would be necessary is behaviour were addressed in schools. Bad behaviour is the cause of 80% of the reduction in learning that has occurred in our classrooms. Why are we inspecting teachers? Teachers are not the problem! A drive to improve behaviour will push results up to an unprecedented high level. This in turn will reverse the skills shortage and will have a significant effect on the future economy.

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