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2. To eliminate inclusive education and protect our talented kids. To introduce Elite schools for the top 1 or 2% of high performers; to reintroduce Grammar schools for the higher 10% and to provide separate remedial classes for the bottom 5%; to send all those who cannot behave to correction schools.

To introduce Elite schools for the top 1 or 2% of high performers:


To raise the level of skills in this country, we need to look after our super-talented kids. We are wasting our good talent by allowing our best kids to sit in disruptive classrooms. Hours and hours of wasted time lead to our best kids becoming disenfranchised and disenchanted. The loss of this talent has actually affected our economy. The Elite school system is proposed at a Primary and Secondary level.  


To reintroduce Secondary Grammar schools for the higher 10%:


Every county should be obliged to provide grammar schools with entrance tests so that bright and intelligent children are given a chance. These children may not be in the Elite class but they well develop elite skills. Nurturing these skills will have a direct impact on the future of this country.


To provide separate remedial classes for the bottom 5%:


Since ‘inclusive’ became a buzzword in education, we have seen teams of teaching support assistants come into schools. While those with mild learning difficulties have benefited, pupils at the bottom of the scale are often assigned a support teacher for life.  This is a very expensive waste of money. First hand observation shows that very often the support teacher must wait for such pupils to complete simplified tasks at a snail’s pace. This is a waste of valuable time. Couldn’t this teacher be overseeing a group? The bottom 5%  would still be well-catered for in separate remedial classes.


To send all those who cannot behave to correction schools:


The small number of pupils who simply cannot behave should not be allowed to mix with other children. They are a bad influence. If strong discipline measures have not worked, then these pupils will be sent to a correction school. This will be enforced at both Primary and secondary level. If significant signs of improvement are shown, they may be allowed to return to school on a trial basis of one week.


And what about the rest?


The middle pupils will be admirably provided for in good comprehensives with improved discipline. Discipline in learning AND behaviour is the key. Some of these pupils may well develop at a later stage. They will have the same chance to succeed if they are not held back by the unruly and the low ability children. 


A FIVE TIER system is the answer to the Education problem. A simple rearrangment of school sites is all that will be required. Where possible, the majority of pupils should have the chance to go to a school that is nearby. With a five tier system and enhanced discipline ALL schools will be good schools!





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