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6. To introduce an awareness campaign within all schools to promote good behaviour and encourage new skills. This could be in the form of posters, talks etcetera.

a) To Promote good behaviour - a series of posters

For example:

'You have the RIGHT to learn.'
'Your teacher has the RIGHT to teach'
'When he talks, he is taking away YOUR education'
'Only one person can talk at a time'
'Precious Time is five precious minutes.'
'Silence means silence'

b) To encourage new skills

This could come under the heading of:
Instant gratification VS waiting for the thrill: To educate pupils and teachers about the importance of developing long term skills that will bring greater fulfillment.

Computer games and TV are taking over kids lives. Some aren't able to function properly unless they are in front of a screen. It is sad that most kids have become addicted to immediate gratification. If it does not entertain immediately, if it is not 'in your face' enough, they switch channels. We have a responsibility to at least make them aware of this addiction. If we do not, our children will have no skills. Can you imagine a house of commons full of MPs who can't even write a formal letter? Very soon that will be a reality. If we don't do something we will have Ali G as a prime minister.

Children should be encouraged to fight beyond the 'boredom threshold' to reach those fulfilling life skills. You can't pick up a musical instrument and expect to play it immediately. Sports, music, technology and reading should all be encouraged. It is often people that were Scouts or those did something interesting in their youth that go on to be successful adults.

The first step is to make children aware of this and to suggest that they keep reading rather than throw the book down after three pages.

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